NJ Motorcycle Laws

Summary of NJ Motorcycle Laws

Laws for Riding the Road

To help you enjoy a safe riding experience, Joseph Pinizzotto Attorney at Law has included a list of current motorcycle laws in New Jersey. If you have questions or need assistance with a legal problem, call us at 732-244-0500 today.

List of New Jersey Motorcycle Laws

  • Safety helmet required by law (USDOT) – reflectorization required
  • Eye protection required by law (goggles or face shield) unless bike equipped with windscreen
  • Daytime use of headlight – modulating headlight permitted
  • Passenger seat required if carrying a passenger
  • Passenger footrest required if carrying a passenger
  • Passenger age – no restrictions  
  • Helmet speakers – no restrictions
  • Periodic safety inspection – no longer required by law
  • Mirror left (L) or right (R) – one required by law
  • Radar detector – no restrictions
  • Turn signals – not required
  • Muffler – no statewide acoustical criteria
  • Maximum sound level – no statewide acoustical criteria
  • State insurance requirements – compulsory liability (minimum limits: 15 / 30 / 5)
  • Handlebar height – handgrips below shoulder height
  • Accept motorcycle endorsement from other states – yes
  • Motorcycles operating two abreast in same lane – not referenced in Administrative Code / Statutes
  • Lane splitting – not referenced in Administrative Code / Statutes
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